Gardening Club

Gardening Club

All students can participate in planting and growing seeds that they then can take home for transplanting.

The club members also get to help with watering and taking care of the greenhouse.

Meetings occur weekly during lunch (11:30-12:20).

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Gardening Tools

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Decide on the day of the week that you would like to hold the club (it needs to be from 11:30-12:20)

Purchase any supplies you need using the PTO budget. This could include soil, pots, labels (popsicle sticks and pens) for students to label their plants, and seeds.

Get the key from the office before each club meeting, and open up the greenhouse.

If you know any students ahead of time, chose a few to help you with watering during club hours.

Have students line up to get a pot, soil, and a seed (some kiddos may need help with the soil, and an adult should always be the one handing out the seeds).

Have students place their pots along the wall in areas that you can designate however you would like (by grade, last name, etc.)

Lock up the greenhouse by 12:30 pm.

Return as needed to water seedlings.

Send plants home with students once it is warm enough outside for them to be planted.

Gardening Club