Image of Facilities Building

The District's Facilities and Maintenance Shop is located at 130 NW State Street, Pullman WA. It was built in 1957 and houses the Facilities & Maintenance office and maintenance and grounds equipment.

The Maintenance & Facilities Department is responsible to maintain the school district buildings and grounds in a safe, clean and appropriate manner. Our responsibilities include electrical, plumbing, masonry and any other general maintenance work.

Our grounds department takes care of all school grounds, each building, athletic fields and playgrounds. They fertilize, mow, irrigate and pest management control.

To contact the Facilities & Maintenance Department call (509) 334-5586.


Annual Notifications from the Facilities & Maintenance Department

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Inspection Report Explained:

In accordance with federal legislation, Pullman School District has complied with Environmental Protection Agency regulations concerning asbestos-containing materials and completed AHERA inspections and management plans for all buildings.

The inspection uncovered some nonfriable and friable asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) in school district buildings. Friable ACBMs have been encapsulated, encased or otherwise protected in accordance with federal (AHERA) and state WISHA laws. Nonfriable ACBMs are regulated in accordance with all federal and state laws.

Copies of the AHERA inspection report and management plan for school district buildings are available for public review at the maintenance and operations building during regular business hours.

Any questions regarding asbestos-containing materials in our schools should be directed to our Maintenance Supervisor, John Naranjo at (509) 334-5586 or the Executive Director of Operations, Joe Thornton, Pullman School District's designated AHERA representative, at (509)332-3581.


Maintenance of Grounds & Integrated Pest Management
Pesticides Applied on a Regular basis (more than twice a year) on district grounds. This list will be reviewed yearly.

  • Roundup will be used for annual and perennial weeds already emerged. It will be applied on a calm, dry day.
  • Barricade 65WG, Suflan A.S.1, and Gallery 75VFb will be used for annual and perennial weeds not yet germinated (pre-emergent). Pre-emergents can be applied rain or shine. Areas of application (as needed) include, but may not be limited to: flower beds, shrub beds, curbs and sidewalks, baseball and softball infields, playgrounds, along fence rows around the base of trees, around and on parking lots, and inside and outside of the running tracks.
  • Wilpower will be used to combat Canadian Thistle, which is a class "C" noxious weed and must be controlled by state law. Wilpower is a non=clopyralid product and will be labeled for Canadian Thistle in turf.
  • Application - Pesticides will always be used according to label direction, with the number one concern being exposed to students and staff.
  • Application Schedule - At the appropriate time of the year a survey will be done of the school district for potential problems. A schedule will then be developed for the application of said pesticides. This schedule will revolve around the around the school calendar. Designated applications will be scheduled during times when schools are not in session, such as spring and summer vacations.
  • Posting—Notification will be made in accordance to RCW 17.21.415, and District Policy 6510.4.
  • Licensed Personnel—District maintenance/grounds employees will be trained and licensed to apply said pesticides.

For further information contact the Facilities/Maintenance Department at 509-334-5586.